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Oller del Mas

Especial Carinyena 2019


Especial Carinyena, the magic of a unique place under the contemplation of Montserrat and whose height captures the sense of sight of anyone. With an average production of 4,100 kilos per hectare, a wine of minimum intervention that only 642 bottles have been produced.

320,00 €

Ròmia 2019


Clean and frank aromas, fusion of notes of aging with wood and the freshness of our varieties. In the mouth it has a concise attack with an acidity that will enlarge it over time.

55,00 €

Bernat 2019


Aroma and character in a bottle. Blend of different plots of the estate that bring balance, persistence and freshness to the flagship wine.

19,00 €

Arnau Oller 2020


Tribute to Arnau Oller, first generation in our history. It is a wine with a lot of character, which lasts over time. Certified as a Finca Wine with a production of 3,250 kg / ha

39,00 €

Càndia 2020


Experimental wine, fermented with its own yeasts. Aged in barrels, cement eggs and in bottles that give it a very interesting structure and complexity. Highlights the red fruit with a very balanced acidity that make it refreshing and very tasty.

22,00 €

Especial Garnacha 2018


Especial Garnacha 2018 is a tribute to the versatility of this beloved variety. Planted in the Baltasar plot, in the highest and steepest area of the Estate, it is presented as a unique expression of the soil. 100% Garnacha Negra, aged in wood and cement vats for fifteen months, and aged in bottle for 40 months. Only 1,633 bottles are available.

130,00 €

Las Parcel·les Negres


Las Parcel·les Negres 2023, a red wine of limited production. A low rainfall vintage, and of a precise maturity. The subtle partial aging in 2nd year oak barrels elegantly refines this wine, giving it character without overpowering it with excessive oak notes.

24,00 €

Especial Eiximenis 2023


A special tribute to Francesc Eiximenis, discoverer of our queen variety. In this case, planted in a marvelous estate called "El monistrolà." We aimed to produce it in the least interventionist way to preserve all its purity and freshness.

60,00 €

201 Orange Wine 2021


Orange color due to the long maceration with the own skins of the Malvasia variety from Manresa. Clean and frank aromas, with a lot of complexity, of which the citrus notes, spices and balsamic touches stand out. In the mouth it is fresh, the acidity is very balanced

230,00 €

Les Parcel·les blanc


Les Parcel·les blanc 2023, a limited production white wine. A vintage marked by the poor rainfall, which allowed us to have a very healthy harvest. Subsequently, it was aged on the lees of the same wine for three months.

24,00 €

Elais - Extra Virgin-Olive-Oil L-023-5


Following the organic farming process, we obtain by cold pressing the

12,00 €

Vermouth 2023


Made with vinified black picapoll as white. It has been aged for a year with wood and has been macerated with citrus fruits such as orange and grapefruit, with sweet spices such as cloves and cardamom and aromatic plants from the farm itself such as thyme and rosemary.

24,00 €